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Do You Believe?

Welcome back after a holiday weekend! I had a fun Thanksgiving with family visiting from North Carolina, making the week and weekend more enjoyable.

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, Christmas is not far around the corner. With holidays comes all the hectic stuff that goes along with it - getting a tree, decorating the house, making cookies, breaking out the Christmas music, buying presents, and more. It can all get a little crazy and we do get caught up in a lot of stuff, but remembering that it is a season of believing and giving is, to me, a crucial part.

So, let's talk about believing today. Everyone has their own particular religious beliefs, so I'm not talking so much about that. You bring your faith into everything you do and it can be a highly personal thing. I'm talking more about believing in yourself and what you can accomplish in life.

Believing in yourself is what drives you forward, no matter what you are doing. It can be work-related or in your private life, but having that belief that you can overcome any obstacles and make things happen means a great deal. Without having that belief, I never could have come as far as I have today. I've overcome physical and emotional hurdles left and right and learned to have the confidence and faith in myself to believe I could make it as a writer. Here I am now, ten books later, steadily working toward my goals and I couldn't be happier about it.

Belief plays a big role in most of my books, whether it is religious, personal, family-related, or to do with romance and relationships. In my next book, For What It's Worth, my MC Noah Healy is going through a crisis of faith in himself and his abilities. He no longer believes he can do it as a musician and hasn't written a song in years. It takes going back to a place he tried to put in his past, confronting pains of long ago, and getting together with a woman who has always believed in him, that his view changes.

Many of my other books include belief also. Preacher finds the hero, a former priest and a member of the motorcycle club called The Cosantóir, dealing with issues of belief on several levels. In Spring Fever , Wes Martin confronts believing in himself and in his relationship with Kristin. I think if you look closely at any of my books, you can find dilemmas that characters face where they question their beliefs in what they are doing, in their family life, and in their romance.

My mantra for today, and nearly every day, is to believe in who you are and what you can accomplish. It's far from easy to do, and on some days we may not feel like it is ever going to happen. Perseverance and faith in who you are and what you can do can carry you a long way. Without it, I am nowhere near where I find myself today.

Keep believing and enjoy the rest of your day, and stay tuned to my site because there are some exciting things coming in the days ahead, including more about my holiday book!

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