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There's Lots to Catch Up On

Our new puppy, Chester, is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

A lot has happened over the last few months that I need to catch everyone up on. I see my previous post was in February, and with all the good intentions I may have, a lot in life has certainly gotten in the way lately.

First things first, with good news. That picture to the left here is Chester, our new dog. Sadly, our dog Flash passed away last July after giving us thirteen years of joy and love. I desperately wanted a new dog but waited until the right fit came. So when I saw Chester's face and name, I knew it was him. He fits in nicely with all of us in the house.

Secondly, I had a book release in March! The Calm in the Storm came out in March and is the first in The Celtic Sisters series. It is a darker romance than I have done in the past while still taking place in the Hudson Valley. The book is available in paperback or e-book on Amazon, and you can also order it from other retailers. You can even get a signed copy from me here on this site!

I am just getting underway with book two in the series, so I still have a way to go, but you will undoubtedly have it in 2023. You may also notice a direction change in the usual style of what I have written in the past. The stories I have in mind and hope to create are darker and have more of an edge to them. In addition, the themes and characters I want to use will change as my writing grows and develops, and I believe it will help me create better books for you to enjoy.

I also have many other plans for what will come this summer. I have several public appearances lined up, one of which I'll tell you about tomorrow. I'm looking forward to those! I also plan to resurrect One Dad's Kitchen, my cooking blog that I had halted in the past. You can follow along there and check out the recipes I try at home.

And finally, there is a newsletter that is developing that you can sign up for. I've been promising this one for a while, and it is finally coming together in a way that I want so that I can share it. The newsletter will help us connect so you can learn more about my writing, what I am working on, appearances, giveaways, and more. I will also offer an exclusive to those who sign up for the newsletter, so you will get pieces of a newsletter-only story I am working on. You can subscribe to the site here, and I look forward to the newsletter soon.

Finally, I am glad to be working to get back on track. The last six months or so have been difficult for me. Health issues have cropped up with family members that have taken my time away from home, and I have also had my health scares to deal with. Thankfully, I am getting my health under control (I'm down 33 pounds now!), and things are getting better. But again, I appreciate all the love, patience, and support from family, friends, colleagues, and readers.

Okay! Prepare for tomorrow when I announce my first public event of the summer. Until then, enjoy the day before you!

My latest release, The Calm in the Storm.

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