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The Calm in the Storm Paperback Signed

The Calm in the Storm Paperback Signed

Cahira "Cat" O'Brien - Beautiful. Wealthy. Mysterious. Deadly. Cat has led a double life for many years, taking her to the top of an elite military group, the ownership of a billion-dollar company, and the life of an assassin, all at the expense of a personal life to call her own.

Attempting to step back and reconnect with her past, Cat runs afoul of Danny Darcy, her sometimes lover and son of the head of The Dullahan, a powerful sector of the Irish mob.

Cat returns to where it all started in upstate New York to find her sister, but there she also finds an attraction to Eddie Brennan, a contractor with no connections to the worlds Cat typically moves in.

Can she find herself, her family, and a future with Eddie despite her past and Danny's control over her? Is Eddie calm in the storm?


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